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We’re Excited to Invite You to Our Millennial Leadership Summit!

Much has been written about the Millennial Generation and their current and future impact as employees and consumers. Every industry and organization will feel the significance of this major generational transition. As Millennials enter the workforce in ever increasing numbers, they will be a catalyst for evolving organizational cultures, advancing the use of technology, reinventing employment value propositions, and discovering new ways of thriving in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous). The big question…

Is your organization ready to leverage the power of the Millennial generation?

At the Summit we’ll unpack some of the myths, realities and evolving norms surrounding this emerging generation. We will take a close look at the predictable leadership challenges Millennials will face as they advance in their careers as leaders. You’ll leave the Summit with new ideas, strategies and practical actions for helping Millennials step up and accelerate their leadership journey. At  NGL®logo-crop we aim to role model intergenerational collaboration. We’re confident the Summit will be a provocative and energetic day of learning and great conversations.  We hope you can join us.

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By 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce.  

The next decade of leadership for your organization will depend on this younger generation.


Are They Ready to Lead?

  • Will they have developed the capabilities needed for success in their leadership role?
  • Will they have built the relationships and credibility needed to influence others?  Will others follow them?
  • Will they have gained the seasoning, self-awareness and emotional maturity needed to handle the complexities and decisions they will face?


Join us on April 19, 2016 for the Millennial Leadership Summit at the inspired Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park.


Together we will explore these core questions and other ideas, insights, strategies and tools that can be used to prepare the youngest and now largest generation that has entered the workforce.


Who Should Attend?

Managers, Directors and Executives who lead Millennials and are dealing with management and intergenerational challenges.

Corporate leaders who are accountable for hiring, developing and retaining Millennials.

Anyone who wants to build a more engaged, appreciative and diverse workforce.

Help your Millennials raise their game as leaders.



Summit Topics:

  • The predictable leadership rites of passages Millennials can expect to face as they step into bigger and more complex roles
  • Myths and realities that surround the Millennial generation
  • A profile and exploration of several of the critical capabilities Millennials will need for their leadership journey
  • Leading practices on retaining and growing high potential Millennial talent


Millennial Jam Session
Explore the predictable leadership passages Millennials can expect to face as they step into more complex roles. Unpack the myths and realities that surround the Millennial generation, and the critical capabilities for success. Session Leader: Simon Trevarthen
Millennial Voices
Listen and engage with Millennials about their Points of View on their generation, leadership, work, goals, relationships, and societal challenges. Session Leaders: Vanessa Judelman, Herb Koplowitz; Panelists: Ali Taiyeb, Seema Jethalal, David Axler, Vas Bednar, Richard Wiltshire
Compelling Employment Value Propositions and Experiences
Hear about leading practices and success stories for attracting, retaining and growing high performing Millennial talent, and creating dynamic employment brands. Session Leaders: Bill Pallett, Jose Bansil
DiverseCity Fellows
Be inspired by stories from Civic Action’s award winning Leadership Development Program. Apply lessons learned to your organization’s leadership development initiatives. Session Leaders: Allen Hirsh, Jan Campbell; Story TellersSalima Rawji, Mark Sam, Orlando Bowen, Naki Osutei
Leadership Resilience in the Millennial Generation
Learn how the Millennial generation appears to be tackling the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of resilience, and what we can do to encourage a healthier workforce. Session Leader: Dr. Julie McCarthy


Growing Managerial Courage and Conflict Capabilities
Help Millennials accelerate their emotional maturity and seasoning, step into their bigness as leaders, and build skills in handling tough situations. Session Leaders: Cinnie Nobel, Lisa Tomjenovic
Leading For Results
Deepen your understanding about  Millennial challenges as they take on more complex leadership and managerial roles. Build your toolkit to help Millennials get results, successfully delegate, and hold others accountable. Session Leaders: Chris Taylor, Laren Stadelman
Coaching Millennials

Gain insights about what works for the Millennial generation. Preview highlights from Michael Bungay Stanier’s new book: The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More and Change the Way You Lead Forever

Session Leader:  Tina Dias

Leveraging Cultural Competence – Millennials and Inclusion
Discover where the Millennial generation falls on the inclusion spectrum, and learn how to develop Cultural Competence to become more inclusive and bridge across generational biases and blindspots. Session Leader:  Ritu Bhasin
Millennial Relationships, Organizational Savvy and Influence
Explore the interpersonal opportunities and challenges Millennials face as they broaden their influence and organizational scope, and what capabilities organizations will require of Millennials to meet corporate objectives. Session Leaders:  Wendy Turpin, David Swain
Surprise Wrap-up Experience
We’ll wrap things up with an inspiring way of integrating the learning from the day!

Get ahead of the curve, and strengthen your Millennial value proposition.



ritu SQUARE 3
Session Leader

Founder and Principal bhasin consulting inc. & Member NGL®logo-crop

Recognized globally for her diversity and leadership expertise, Ritu has extensive experience delivering programming, consulting, and coaching across a range of people management areas, with a focus on leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and the advancement of women. Ritu works primarily with senior leadership teams, boards of directors, middle management, and emerging leader groups, including women and diverse professionals.

At the Summit, Ritu will focus on the critical role that developing Cultural Competence will play for Millennials.

Richard W Square

LinkedIn Sales Solution: Sales Manager – Transforming the Relationship Between Buyers and Sales

Richard is a member of one of LinkedIn’s newest lines of business – Sales Solutions and is also a member of the LinkedIn Canada Management Team. With a background in engineering and merchant consulting, Richard has worked with executives across the world on some of their most pressing business issues. He is also actively engaged with community work – including civic leadership, youth employment, the Aboriginal community, international development and politics.

At the Summit, Richard will participate in our Millennial Panel.

Tina - Square 2
Session Leader

Tina Dias Coaching & Facilitation Inc. & Member NGL®logo-crop

Tina is a professional certified coach, leadership trainer, facilitator and guest speaker. She is known for her creative and emotionally intelligent approaches to helping other gain insights and grow. Trained under Coach University, with a Master in Leadership from Royal Roads University, Tina’s specialty is to support individuals and teams reach their highest potential.

At the Summit, Tina will be sharing highlights from NextGenLeaders colleague, Michael Bungay Stanier’s new book – The Coaching Habit: say Less, Ask More and change the Way You Lead Forever.


Founder, Millennial Engagement Movement & Member NGL®logo-crop

Ryan has been working with both sides of the Millennial Engagement issue for the past 5 years. Being able to empathize with organizations and the millennials they work with gives him a unique perspective that points no blame and instead provides insight into how environmental conditions and culture is the biggest reason for the perceived differences.

He has been working on the summit from the get-go and at the summit will be co-hosting the event to ensure all who attend experience exceptional value.

Vanessa Judelman-8648 - SQUARE
Panel Leader

President Mosaic People Development &
Member NGL®logo-crop

Vanessa specializes in developing digital natives, (aka Millennials or emerging leaders) She uses cutting-edge techniques, videos and digital technology to ensure that her participants are always engaged and learning to their fullest potential.  Her spunk and tenacity have inspired thousands of people.

At the Summit, Vanessa will co-lead a panel exploring Millennial perspectives on workplace and societal issues.

Bill - SQUARE 2
Session Leader

WJ PALLETT & ASSOCIATES & Member NGL®logo-crop

Bill is one of Canada’s leading Human Resource executives.  Prior to establishing his consulting practice, Bill was the Senior VP of People Resources for Delta Hotels and Resorts, and the architect of Delta’s highly engaged and award winning culture.

At the Summit, Bill will engage us with practical strategies and tools for enhancing the recruitment, development and retention of Millennials. He’ll look at the role of employment branding and the power of creating a compelling employment value proposition to strengthen the experience and success of Millennials.


Gateway Group of Companies: Manager, Digital Strategy and Partnerships

Ali has diverse experience consulting on strategic technology partnerships with Fortune 100-2000 clients. He is also actively involved in the social enterprise sector and digital startup community in Toronto, leading organizations such as Pakathon.  Ali sees the potential in disrupting markets through the creation of simple and cost-effective solutions using present and future technologies.

At the Summit, Ali will participate in our Millennial Panel.

Session Leader

Professor University of Toronto

Julie is a Professor in the Department of Management at the University of Toronto and is well known for her research excellence,  published works and academic engagement.. Her research centers on strategies that leaders can use to build resilience and achieve success in their work and home lives. She also investigates how organizations can ensure that their policies and practices are viewed favorably by job applicants and employees.

At the Summit, Professor McCarthy will focus on how the Millennial generation appears to be tackling the challenges of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resilience.

Seema_Jethalal_- SQUARE 2

Artscape, Managing Director Daniel’s Spectrum – Regent Park

Seema Jethalal is a passionate about the intersection of arts and culture, diversity and inclusion, and social change.  As the Managing Director of Daniels Spectrum and a former DiverseCity Fellow, she actively uses arts and culture as a tool to level the playing field for youth facing systemic barriers, generate meaningful training and employment opportunities, and reframe the way we think about the arts.

Seema leads a team of approximately 40 staff, over half of whom are millennials. She will share her experience working with them on the Millennial Panel at this summit.

Session Leader

Founder of and ActionableConversations & Member NGL®logo-crop

Chris divides his time between Canada, Australia and the US, helping leaders in organizations of all sizes have deeper, richer dialogue with their teams. Chris has shared the screen with some of the leading business minds of our generation – including Seth Godin, Dan Pink and Sir Ken Robinson – discussing the crucial role of aligned business units in the 21st century and Gen-Y employee engagement.

At the Summit, Chris will lead the session on Holding Millennials Accountable for Performance.

Story Teller

CIBC  – Director, Executive Talent Management

Naki Osutei is committed to developing diverse and inclusive leadership.  She has achieved this in roles across sectors as varied as arts and culture, sports, and social and economic development. Naki first interened in 2008 with a startup merchant business HRMA Direct learning about account management and customer service. Naki has worked with organizations such as Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance and the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games.  In her volunteer life, Naki is on the Board for West Neighbourhood House and a member of the Board of Governors for Seneca College. She is often called upon to speak on the issues of cross-sectoral collaboration, leadership and diversity at private sector, government, non-profit and post-secondary institutions.

At the Summit, Naki will share stories about her own leadership development as a pivotal designer and leader of Civic Action: DiverseCity Fellow Program

David Swain Square2
Session Leader

Co-Founder, JDBrownfields &
Member NGL®logo-crop

David works with executive teams and individual leaders on topics such as strategic insight, sustainable implementation, fostering creativity and innovation, and helping leaders expand their capabilities to achieve greater results in ever-changing business environments.

At the Summit, David will co-lead a session on “working with and leading others.”

Jose Bansil Pic - SQUARE
Session Leader

Jose is a Human Resources Professional for over 20 years with specialization in Learning and Organizational Development. His work is driven by the belief that companies should consciously deliver the most fulfilling employee experience to optimize people’s contribution to the business, and therefore, maximizing the return on investment on the human capital. He continues his mission as Associate and Performance Advisor with WJ PALLETT & ASSOCIATES.

At the Summit, Jose will engage us with practical strategies and tools for enhancing the recruitment, development and retention of Millennials. He’ll look at the role of employment branding and the power of creating a compelling employment value proposition to strengthen the experience and success of Millennials.

Lisa Tomjenovic -SQUARE

LISAT Consulting &
Member NGL®logo-crop

Lisa acts as a catalyst for change with clients who want to make a difference. Working through a dynamic coaching process, Lisa helps clients articulate their goals and achieve greater professional success – creating balance and a more fulfilling personal life.

At the Summit, Lisa will co-lead the session on Managerial Courage and Conflict Capabilities.

Simon Trevarthen - SQUARE
Session Leader

Founder Elevate Your Greatness &
Member NGL®logo-crop

Simon’s mission is to help others elevate their greatness.  He has been an executive in the public sector leading innovative transformation projects, and has worked as a management consultant, Six Sigma Black belt, journalist and international spokesperson for a major humanitarian organization.

At the Summit, Simon will inspire us as we explore what’s new and what’s different with Millennials.

Jan Campbell SQUAER 2
Session Leader

Founder StrategiSense Inc. &
Member NGL®logo-crop

On any given day you will find Jan doing what she loves – supporting people to deepen their understanding of they are as leaders and to fully express their talents and abilities and contribute to what matters for their organizations. Jan consults, coaches, facilitates, and speaks in the areas of leadership effectiveness, organizational strategy and performance.

Jan will co-lead the Summit session spotlighting Civic Action’s award winning DiverseCity program.

Noble_Cinnie - WEB
Session Leader

Founder of CINERGY® Coaching &
Member NGL®logo-crop

A lawyer, mediator, author and certified coach, Cinnie has over 20 years of experience in the conflict management field.  Cinnie coaches leaders worldwide, to strengthen their knowledge, skills and abilities to competently engage in conflict.  CINERGY® also trains leaders to coach staff members to effectively manage their interpersonal workplace disputes.

At the Summit, Cinnie will co-lead the session on Managerial Courage and Conflict Capabilities.

Allen Square

Founder NGL®logo-crop

Allen started NGL®logo-crop to respond to the pressing need to develop our next generation. Allen wears a variety of hats: strategist, facilitator, coach, team builder, organization designer, and educator. His collaborative, energetic and creative style builds commitment and leads to innovative problem solving

Allen will co-host the Summit. He will focus on the predictable ‘passage points’  Millennials will face as they take on increasingly complex roles, and how to build in more ‘heat’ to their leadership development.

Wendy 2 SQUARE
Session Leader

Wendy Turpin & Associates
& Member NGL®logo-crop

Wendy Turpin is an executive coach and an organization and leadership consultant. A certified management consultant (CMC) with over 30 years of experience, she works with leaders facing the challenges of strategic change. As a coach Wendy works with leaders and teams to accelerate the development of leadership and team capabilities and improve individual and collective performance. She works with clients to support a variety of development objectives, including developing leadership capabilities, issue management, preparing for the next level, transitioning into a new role/level, leading large-scale change initiatives, conflict management, building relationships and building high-performing teams.

At the Summit, Wendy will co-lead a session on “working with and leading others.”

Mark Sam - SQUARE
Story Teller

Accenture Consulting: Senior Manager

Mark is part of Accenture’s Management Consulting practice.  He works with bank executives of top institutions across North America to help them transform their businesses. Mark is also the Canadian lead for Accenture’s Management Consultant Development Program.  Mark is active as a volunteer working with the United Way and CivicAction to build youth mentorship partnerships.

At the Summit, Mark will share stories about his own leadership development as a 2014/15 Civic Action: DiverseCity Fellow

Herb Koplowitz - SQUARE
Panel Leader

Member NGL®logo-crop

A registered as a Psychologist, Herb is trained in Requisite Organization. Herb helps executives implement strategy in two important ways. Organizationally, he enables them to develop the structure required by the strategy, fill the roles in the organization structure with people who will succeed in them, and train managers in the skills they need to direct and support those they manage and hold them accountable. Personally, he helps managers develop a language that helps them think and talk more clearly about organizational issues and come quicker to the root causes of problems.

At the Summit, Herb will co-lead a panel exploring Millennial perspectives on workplace and societal issues.


Associate Director, University of Toronto – Martin Prosperity Institute, Rotman School of Management

Vass works on the Cities research project and works with urbanist Richard Florida to develop and design an academic research portfolio with a journalistic pace. A voracious consumer of, and participant in Canadian public policy debates, Vass believes in using to humour to make complicated ideas more accessible.

At the Summit, Vass will participate in our Millennial Panel.


Chief of Staff at Influitive  

Influitive, an advocate marketing software platform, has 120 employees and is primarily made up of millennials (average employee age of 28).  Previously a Deloitte management consultant, David has worked with dozens of clients to identify optimal strategies to succeed in the market place and facilitated the process to ensure the teams are aligned to execute against the case for change.  David has an MBA from Rotman and previously worked in international development in Nairobi, Kenya.

At the summit David will share his insights on our panel.

Story Teller

Salima manages BUILD TORONTO’s retail platform, as well as a portfolio over 1.25 million square feet of urban development projects where she pushes for financial, social and environmental sustainability. Salima holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and currently sits on the Board of Directors for CivicAction and the Homes First Foundation.

At the Summit, Salima will share stories about her own leadership development as a 2010 Civic Action: DiverseCity Fellow

L Stadelman - SQUARE
Session Leader

Principal: Stadelman Consulting &
Member NGL®logo-crop

Laren works with senior organizational leaders to help them set direction, strengthen their leadership, and build organizational and board capability. She focuses specifically on health, not-for-profit and public sector and organizations helping them to make a difference in society.  With over 25 years of experience advising clients, Laren’s areas of practice include executive coaching, strategy development, organizational design and board governance.

At the Summit, Laren will co-lead a session on Holding Millennials Accountable for Performance.

jerry - SQUARE
Organizing Team

Summit Organizing Team &
Member NGL®logo-crop

Jerry specializes in helping organizations shape their culture and increase employee engagement through enhancing leaders’ effectiveness. He has over 30 years of experience and an ongoing commitment to working with organizations to effectively implement enterprise change.

Jerry has worked closely with executive teams across Asia, Europe and North America, to launch and support enterprise-wide change initiatives. His assignments include preparing and coaching senior leaders to assume more senior positions, building performance cultures, increasing levels of employee engagement, leading change, enhancing collaboration, and developing high performing

Pearl - Square
Summit Coordinator
Story Teller

Orlando Bowen is a corporate inspirational speaker and the Founder and Executive Director of One Voice One Team Youth Leadership Organization. The charity engages and empowers over 20,000 youth per year through assemblies, summer camps and it’s “S.W.O.L.E.”™ Leadership Development Program. SWOLE is an acronym that stands for: Self respect, Work hard, Overcome adversity, Lead by example, and Excellence.

At the Summit, Orlando will share stories about his own leadership development as a 2012 Civic Action: DiverseCity Fellow.

Helena - SQUARE
Summit Director

Summit Director & Member NGL®logo-crop

Helena Axler is the Managing Principal of Axler and Associates, a health care consulting practice focused on strategy development and facilitating organizational and system change.  Helena works extensively with teaching hospitals, universities and research organizations.

Helena is recognized as a talented facilitator, with strong synthetic skills, capable of drawing together multiple and complex inputs and organizing them into coherent strategy.  She works with leaders at all levels helping them to articulate their strategic vision and engage their staff and key stakeholders in shaping the goals and actions to achieve that vision.

Discover Millennial solutions that will fit with your company's culture


Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Time: Coffee 8:15 AM – 9:00 AM

Summit Start: 9:00 AM

Summit End:  4:30 PM

2016-04-19 8:15:00 2016-04-19 16:30:00 America/Toronto Millennial Leadership Summit A summit that will help our organization grow and develop our Millennial employees into influential leaders. Daniels Spectrum


Managers, Directors & Executives



Daniels Spectrum (Ada Slaight Hall) 585 Dundas St E, Toronto, ON M5A 2B7

What You’ll Get Out Of This Summit:

Expanded Toolkit

An expanded toolkit with ideas, strategies, models and practical actions you can use to help your Millennials step up and accelerate their leadership journey.

Interactive Experience

A great experiential and interactive day, learning with a diverse group of experts and leaders from a large cross section of industries

Chance To Contribute

A chance to contribute ideas and engage with key Millennial challenges and potential solutions

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